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Wireless Survey

Whether a new site with no previous Wi-Fi or an existing site. Support Techcan provide either predictive or active wireless surveys to ensure that you will get the best coverage and that your Wi-Fi is delivering where it needs to.

Predictive Surveys

Based on a floor plan we will overlay walls, doors and windows and then using powerful modeling software we can determine the best places to position Wi-Fi Access Points to ensure that you get the required coverage. Scope can be made for high footfall areas to ensure that sufficient bandwidth is available.

Active Wireless Surveys

By utilising our survey software, we will walk around your building and determine the Wi-Fi coverage and health of your Wi-Fi network. This type of survey will determing where access points are, what the coverage of each access point is and whether there are rogue or unsecure access points working within your environment.

When the survey has been completed it provides a good indication if any remedial actions need to be undertaken to your network or infrastructure to ensure it works at its optimum.